Thank you Lord for creating me and to make me know you Lord .
Dear Leon Brother
i came to know about you through harvest tv. Let Lord bless u jeena and u r ministry . Pastor i am waiting for my visa to be applied my husband is in UAE now my mother in law had an knee replacement surgery i am taking care of her,. I am planning to leave to UAE on march but my VISA is not applied still i am sad ,. I want my mother in law to heal soon doctor told within 1 month mummy will heal so everyone wants me to stay back . So i decided once mummy get well i will leave but there are bit issues for my VISA to be applied my husband family wants me to stay back here . My husband wants to apply VISA on February and take me on march . PLease do pray for my family life and my Visa and to get my mother in law to walk without walker on February . Now Lord is healing her lot of miracles i can see daily. My father in law is creating issues against applying my VISA, please pray to change the mind of my father in law ,. To get a heart to send me on march to my husband place.
Love in Christ

Manu Moses

I hav a couple of prayer request to be made.. I have been praying day and night for this. I had a relationship which was going very well for more than an year. But in between due to many evil involvements, problems started originating and later on problems got worse and eventually broke up. I tried to move on. But i felt like some force is stopping me to do so. I felt like some force wants me to stay in this pain and realize why all this happened. I believe that it was for my revival all this happened. she cut off all the communication channels we had. But after many nights nd days of continuous prayers Jesus showed his Love. she came back in touch with me. Later on Jesus showed me the vision that its nt just our problems which caused this break up, but its cos of the high pressures and mental stress she was facing over there. i want u to pray for her peace.. Her name is Pheba, she’s at Australia. I want you to pray for restoration of my relationship.

I have applied for a students loan, but its also getting delayed for some reason. i dont know. I am praying for it to get sanctioned as soon as possible as I am running out of time. pls pray for me.

Regards Manu.

Manu Moses

Brother my name is Anju and i have completed MBA befrore 6years and till now i have no job.i like to join a bank coaching centre next week.but still i dont know what to do.please pray for me to get a nice job.please reply to my id regarding the answer which jesus had given you



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